The FME "Smorgon Experimental Forestry" carries out :

The main principles of the activity of the FME "Smorgon Experimental Forestry" are:

In order to ensure sustainable forest management and forest management, the Smorgon Experimental Forestry is guided by:

In order to obtain, confirm and provide the consumer with reliable information about the origin of forest products from sustainably managed forests in accordance with the requirements of the PEFC FME "Smorgon Experimental Forestry" identifies forest products on the basis of origin.

For the purposes of identifying forest products based on the origin of the FME, the Smorgon Experimental Forestry provides:

Forest Certification Policy under the FSC FMS system of the Smorgon Experimental Forestry

Forest certification helps to ensure productivity and sustainability of stands, increase forest biological diversity, minimize the negative impact of forestry production on the environment, increase the export potential of the forestry sector, and remove technical barriers to international trade.

FME "Smorgon Experimental Forestry" confirms its commitment to the system of forest management in accordance with the principles and criteria of the FSC.

In our work we are guided by international Conventions, ratified by the Republic of Belarus.